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DNS Server Management

DNS Server Management

DNS Server Management is a specialised service for managing Domain Name System (DNS) connected devices, services and resources.  In short, DNS translates alphanumeric web and email  addresses (domain names) into a numerical IP addresses.  IP is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol.  An IP address is assigned to each device connected to a computer network. For example. www.trademe.co.nz translates into, or at least it does from our location.  Many large companies may have multiple web servers (connections) serving different regions.

DNS enables servers to send and receive digital communications.  Essentially, DNS servers are the glue that holds the Internet together.  If one DNS server record is configured incorrectly, then it cannot communicate with other DNS servers.

Therefore, in order for DNS servers to communicate to one another, DNS name/address translation records need to be kept up-to-date.  As a result, DNS records not only affect where things are located, but how they interact.

Why do you need DNS Server Management?

Without getting into detail, an incorrect DNS record will impact your website or your email.  Consequently, your business communications and digital assets may be exposed to cybersecurity threats, risks and vulnerabilities.  In addition, communications to and from clients may be blocked.  Both issues could end up exposing your business, and cost you a fortune to remedy.  Furthermore, it could end up crippling or killing your business.

For instance, we get support calls from clients to investigate issues with their website.  Most often, the issues relate to notifications not being sent from the contact form.  In 99% of cases, the problem tracks back to the website company’s lack of understanding of DNS.

Another common example of DNS issues is email spoofing or invoice substitution scams.  We discovered that one character had been incorrectly coded in a DNS record by their IT supplier.  Instead of limiting access to the domain, it did the complete opposite.  As a result, the company’s email system had been made vulnerable and was compromised.  Therefore, it is important to get DNS records correct.  Most importantly, protect your business, and your technology with a DNS Server Management specialist.

Domain Name System Management from Sabre IT

DNS Server Management can be used in conjunction with other services to prevent SPAM and email spoofing.   Sabre IT are trained DNS management specialists.  We set up and manage your DNS records to a professional standard. Learn more about our Domain Name System Management or contact us today.

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Eric Donn

Eric Donn has a background in security and design spanning several decades, and consults on technology streamlining and security. As the founder and managing director of Sabre IT Ltd, Eric is dedicated to delivering secure, reliable and stable networks to his clients. His group of technology companies focus on developing products and services to provide clients with onsite and private cloud solutions for their businesses.
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