Sabre IT Ltd is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and works with businesses from all over the world.

We believe in providing comprehensive solutions that streamline our clients IT systems and networks.

Our purpose is to assist our clients to achieve and maintain their business goals and objectives. We understand that technology is a tool that can either help them do this faster – or impact heavily on their success.

“It is extremely important to us that our clients have a robust IT system that never breaks down. It also has to meet the long term needs of their business. This is crucial for them to get a high return on their investment in technology and staffing.”
Eric Donn, Managing Director, Sabre IT Ltd

It is proven that Zero Downtime = Increased Productivity. This is why we have chosen to specialise in the management, 24/7 remote servicing, monitoring and data backup of business computer systems and networks.

Your Continuing Peace of Mind is our Priority

Our clients have told us what they like about Sabre IT. We provide them with peace of mind about their technology so they can focus on their business. We give them this by:

  • Building robust, stable, and efficient IT systems.
  • Securing their technology from external and internal threats.
  • Protecting equipment from power surges and sudden cuts.
  • Safely backing up critical data to private servers.
  • Underwriting our Zero Downtime Managed Services Contracts with one fixed monthly fee.
  • Establishing secure remote access to minimise cyber-threats.
  • And lots more that our competitors tend to overlook.

Real life experiences from the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 tested everyone to the limit. We are pleased to report that none of our Sabre Managed Services clients lost data because of the event. We were able to remotely monitor and even safely shut down the systems and networks of our managed services clients who were located within the Red Zone cordon. And clients with Sabre Mail™ didn’t lose any of the messages.

The Earthquakes gave us the opportunity to prove we do what we say we do.

About Sabre IT Ltd’s Clients

The size or industry of the businesses we work with doesn’t matter to us. What is important is the attitude and growth strategies of the directors and management team.

The list below is a brief overview of some of industries our clients are in:

Accommodation Fitness Manufacturing Real Estate
Agricultural Hospitality Plumbers Retirement Villages
Building Insurance Printing Solicitors
Business Coaching Joiners Property Management Town Planning
Electrical Jewellery Manufacturing Publishing Travel

And many more…

Are You Ready to Streamline Your IT System?

A stable, fast computer system and network will result in increased productivity and profits for your company. You can learn more about Sabre IT and what makes us different to other IT Companies here.

To discuss how we can help you streamline your business IT phone us on 03 351 4100 or contact us online.