Was Your Security Breach Caused by Later Thinking?

security breach caused by later thinking

Was your Security Breach Caused by Later Thinking?

Later thinking is one of the most common causes of cybersecurity breaches, because “Later” never comes.

During my several decades of working in the security and IT industry, I often hear the following objections and excuses from prospective clients:

  • “We need to watch our budget and get the cheaper option.  We can always upgrade later.” 
  • “Let’s just get it going for now, and we can deal with the fancy stuff later.”
  • “It’s urgent we get things working, so just open the firewall / give the guys access and we can worry about security later.”

However, knowing that most security breaches are caused by later thinking, I take the time to address these objections and excuses.

I know that later never comes.  Not many people do in the IT industry.  They only get to “later” after a nasty security breach has happened.  And even then, if their reputation is at stake, they may gloss over their inadequacies rather than take responsibility for them.  Most likely, they’ll say that the cause of the security breach is because “hackers are getting smarter.”

From Microsoft’s 10 Immutable Laws of Security Administration

  • Law #1:  Nobody believes anything bad can happen to them, until it does
  • Law #2:  Security only works if the secure way also happens to be the easy way
  • Law #7:  The most secure network is a well-administered one

What are the  inherent risks of Later Thinking?

Unfortunately we find that often company c-suite or management teams are unaware of the inherent risks, or the risks of cheaper or stop gap options.  Maybe their IT department or supplier didn’t do enough to highlight those inadequacies.  Or maybe management had more pressing things to worry about, so didn’t listen.

In many cases the cheap option should never be an option.

If your security breach was caused by later thinking…

If a security breach happens from insecure IT processes caused by later thinking, it will most likely happen again.

The problem is not the technology, but the management of the technology, the principles, processes, and standards, or lack thereof.

Security should never be an after thought

Technology is complex.  Security is not an after-thought.  It requires a specialist approach.  At Sabre IT, we specialise in cybersecurity solutions, including building robust security systems with predictive monitoring.

One of the consulting services I provide is to act as a third party to investigate security breaches.  Consequently, I make recommendations as to the best way to manage risk and prevent recurring breaches, as well as provide specialist IT security help.

Do not leave it until later – as later may never come

Call me now on 03 351 4100 to find out if your business technology is secure.

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