Sabre IT manages, underwrites, and streamlines business IT and technology for clients throughout New Zealand with Zero Downtime Managed Services

We provide robust IT solutions and specialist services to support and protect your business assets and intellectual property. Risk management is an important investment in your business longevity, not an expense that cuts into your profits.

Our team works with you to ensure that your your business strategy is aligned with your IT strategy.  This enables you and your team to use technology intelligently, and fully focus on serving your clients as you build and grow your business.

Sabre IT Christchurch 5 Core Principles
Sabre IT Business IT Christchurch New Zealand

Manage for Zero Downtime

  • Interruptions, delays, and go-slows fragment time, production, and lead to mistakes.
  • Downtime impacts client deliverables, damages your brand promise, and reduces customer loyalty and retention.
  • Our core focus is Zero Downtime Managed Services. Our clients' business IT systems are stable and reliable, running full-time, with maximum performance.
Sabre IT Business IT Christchurch New Zealand

Leave Nothing to Chance

  • Accepting industry information at face value and not investing research and testing leads to assumptions.
  • Over 80% of security breaches and system failures are caused by lack of research, lazy thinking, and assumptions.
  • We replace assumptions with research, development, standards, verification, and predictive monitoring.
Sabre IT Business IT Christchurch NZ

Act on Indicators, Not Incidents

  • A common denial often heard from other IT companies is, "We couldn't have known this was going to happen!"
  • Why should you wait until your systems are down or crippled, when incidents can be easily avoided?
  • Predictive monitoring picks up indicators before they become incidents. Elevated risks are dealt with before they become disasters.
Sabre IT Business IT Christchurch New Zealand

Adherance to Standards

  • All failures are failures in standards.
  • The difference between success and failure rests on quality of standards.
  • Standards ensure quality of outcome regardless of which engineer from which company does the job.
Sabre IT Business IT Christchurch New Zealand

Accountability for Outcomes

  • Most IT companies have an "all care, no responsibility" attitude, which automatically results in low standards.
  • Sabre IT is fiercely loyal to our customers and their businesses. We make it our job to know what outcomes you depend on.
  • We take ownership and responsibility for our work, and are accountable for the outcomes we deliver and guarantee.

Sabre IT - Setting the Standards in Business IT

Our team works to clearly defined standards, based on our principles, values, and years of working in the business IT industry.  We believe that if your technology does not increase Intelligence and create Time it is not IT.

To find out more about Sabre IT, and how we work with businesses to design and implement their technology strategy, please explore our website, read the articles in our News / Views section, or talk to us today.