Committed to helping our clients succeed

You Need A Technology Team
Who produces Successful Outcomes

Securing, Managing and Monitoring Technology

Professional and experienced business technology company

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Sabre IT manages your technology and produces successful outcomes in accordance with your business goals, purpose, and objectives.

Specialised Professionals

We are a group of highly specialised technology professionals, each with decades of knowledge and experience in their area of expertise.

Committed to Success

Every member of our team adheres to The Five Disciplines of IT™ — a comprehensive framework of ethical principles, standards and policies developed by Sabre IT.

Sabre IT Christchurch NZ
We enhance your technology in order to provide you with robust outcomes.

Committed to helping our clients succeed

Technology Strategy

Set the direction and focus for your technology to maximise productivity and minimise risks.

Cyber Security

Protect your business with robust security systems and predictive monitoring.

System Management

Proactive maintenance, real-time predictive monitoring, and preventative mitigation.

Zero Downtime

Reliable systems, zero outages, zero security breaches, zero loss of data and email.

Securing the Cloud

Understand and minimise risks with cloud services. Migration into and out of the cloud.

Insider Threat Detection

Monitor your users behaviour and get insights into their productivity and work habits.

Project Management

Design, customisation and management of projects to produce successful outcomes.

Sabre IT
Sabre IT
Sabre IT

Professional and experienced business technology team

Why choose Sabre IT?

Excellent Track Record

We provide robust solutions, successful outcomes and zero downtime managed systems to our clients.

Prediction Technology

We work with companies around the world to develop and exchange technology for prediction, automation, and security.

Highly Specialised Professionals

Our team are experts at what we do and adhere to our standards and principles. We are committed to outcomes.

Let our experience be your guide 

Your Business Technology Matters

We look at technology differently

Our clients' reviews

We've been using Sabre IT since September 2012 to provide us with secure, on-premise solutions. Our system has never gone down, and everything works as expected.
Our overall experience with Sabre IT has been wonderful and extremely professional.  The new software has cut down on repetitive work and freed up the Trust Managers to work on business.
Office Manager
Sabre IT | Veritato Partner
Sabre IT | Microsoft
Sabre IT | EventSentry Development Partner
Sabre IT | Goverlan Partner
Sabre IT | Veriato RansomSafe
Sabre IT | Microsoft 365
Sabre IT | Kerio
Sabre IT | Skykick
Sabre IT | Veriato Cerebal Partner
Sabre IT | Microsoft Exchange
Sabre IT | SMX Email
Sabre IT | QNAP
Sabre IT | Veriato Vision
Sabre IT | Microsoft Office 365
Sabre IT Solutions | SabreMail
Sabre IT | Instant Recall Solutions
Sabre IT | Veriato Partner
Sabre IT | Microsoft SQL Server
Sabre IT | NCP VPN
Sabre IT | StorageCraft / Shadow Protect
Sabre IT | ESET Anti-Virus
Sabre IT | Firebird SQL
Sabre IT | Nakivo
Sabre IT | VM Ware
Sabre IT | CISCO Partner
Sabre IT | Ubiquiti Network
Sabre IT | HP
Sabre IT | Veeam
Sabre IT | IBM Supplier
Sabre IT | Lenovo
Sabre IT | Viewsonic Supplier
Sabre IT | Syncovery
Sabre IT Solutions | Sabre Automation
Sabre IT | Flexigroup Finance
Sabre IT | AOC Supplier
Sabre IT | APC Supplier
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