Sabre IT manages, underwrites, and streamlines business IT and technology for clients throughout New Zealand.  Most importantly, we work to clearly defined standards, in order to deliver Zero Downtime Managed Systems to clients.  This proactive approach is rare in the IT industry.  Unlike other IT companies, we have developed Intelligent Automation softwareAs a result, we can predict and attend to potential issues long before they become problems.

Because we streamline your business technology, your business benefits from maximum functionality, reliability and efficiency.  Moreover, data integrity is maintained and your business is protected from cyber-threats.  The outcome is Zero Downtime, Zero Breaches, and Zero Data Loss.

Therefore, Sabre IT provides robust IT solutions and specialist services to support and protect your business assets and intellectual property. Risk management is an important investment in your business longevity, not an expense that cuts into your profits.

Sabre IT - Experienced System Engineers

Additionally, our team are experienced system engineers.  We never employ technicians or trainees.  Our system engineers adhere to our framework of standards, The Five Disciplines of IT™.  As a result, we do jobs faster, and get it right the first time.  Sabre IT never needs to go back to fix the same problem twice.

We work closely with you to ensure that your business strategy is aligned with your IT strategy.  This enables you and your team to use technology intelligently.  In other words, you can fully focus on serving your clients as you build and grow your business.

Sabre IT Christchurch 5 Core Principles

Sabre IT - Setting the Standards in Business IT

Our clearly defined standards are based on our principles, values, and years of working in the business IT industry.  We believe that if your technology does not increase Intelligence and create Time it is not IT.

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