Sabre IT audits, secures, manages, and streamlines scalable IT systems for growing businesses throughout New Zealand.


ZERO impact on our clients' business, when they address the risks identified with audits.


ZERO security breaches or loss of data in the last 7 years, even during the Earthquakes!


0.004% unscheduled downtime across all of our Managed Services Clients' networks.


ZERO loss of productivity for our clients whose systems are streamlined for efficiency.

We audit existing systems in order to understand your business. Then we provide you with the right technology to fit your current and future needs.

Our team works to clearly defined standards, based on our principles, values and years of working in the IT industry.

As a Managed Services client, your can be assured that your IT systems will never break down. This allows you to focus on building your business, rather than worry about unexpected IT costs.

Is reducing your total cost of ownership for technology on your "To Do" list? Reducing them for you is definitely on ours. To achieve this, our consultant works closely with your management team to audit, design and implement the right digital strategy for your company.

Sabre IT only recommends and supplies hardware and software that meets our standards and your long-term needs. We ensure that all technology procured for you has been thoroughly researched and tested by us.

Once your IT infrastructure is secure, stable, efficient and scalable, we can manage and streamline it. Included in our Managed Services contract is our Zero Downtime Guarantee. Is this something your current IT company promises you? If not, talk to us today.

Sabre IT promises to give you

Zero Downtime
Highest Security
Maximum Reliability
Optimum Efficiency