Sabre IT manages, underwrites and streamlines business IT networks and technology for clients throughout New Zealand.

Our 5 Core Principles

Manage for Zero Downtime.

Leave Nothing to Chance.

Act on Indicators, Not Incidents.

Adherence to Standards.

Accountability for Outcomes.

Our 5 Step Process

1. Consult

We consult with you to get absolute clarity about the direction of your business and current status of your technology.  This allows us to assess your business processes and IT requirements.  Once understanding is achieved, we work together to tailor your business technology strategy in conjunction with established standards.  Learn more...

2. Audit

Audits measure the existing technology and processes, in relation to established standards and your specific business requirements.  Types of audits vary according to your current business focus and objectives.  Learn more...

3. Secure

We secure your technology by removing and/or mitigating existing critical or elevated risks.  This includes security, as well as vulnerabilities in your system continuity and reliability, single points of failure, and processes.  Learn more...

4. Manage

Manage is more than just system procurement and provisioning.  Professional network management is a big focus, especially in maintaining Zero Downtime for your business.  To achieve this, we include proactive maintenance, predictive monitoring, automated analytics, and proactive mitigation.  Learn more...

5. Streamline

Once the first four steps are completed, your business technology has a stable foundation.  This provides you with certainty moving forward.  To assist your business further with innovation, growth and scaling, we streamline your processes and technology.  This takes the mundane and automates, integrates, and shapes it to better serve your business needs.  Learn more...

Notes: These are not static steps.  The process is not a case of completing only one step and then never looking back.  This is a dynamic process of continuous improvement to keep your systems secure, up-to-date, and innovative.

Sabre IT - Setting the Standards in Business IT

Our team works to clearly defined standards, based on our principles, values, and years of working in the business IT industry.  We believe that if your technology does not increase Intelligence and create Time it is not IT.

To find out more about Sabre IT, and how we work, please explore our website, or talk to us today.