General Security Advisory to all New Zealand Businesses

General Security Advisory issued by the NZ National Cyber Security Centre

Ongoing campaign of DoS attacks affecting New Zealand entities

31 August 2020
A General Security Advisory has been released by the National Cyber Security Centre.This is issued to all New Zealand businesses, following the recent four day Cybersecurity attack on the NZ Stock Exchange websites.  This is also news on Radio NZ, Stuff and other mainstream media channels about similar attacks.  There appears to be a well orchestrated campaign of ongoing Denial of Service (DOS) attacks against New Zealand businesses.


Included in the full advisory are best practice recommendations to help businesses prepare for DOS attacks.  This includes:
  • Determining who has privileged access to your network, online services, and other cyber and physical points of entry to your business.
  • Your service providers’ cyber and physical security and strategies to deal with any cyber attacks.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks to your business.
  • Disaster planning for unexpected events and incidents.
  • Using a real-time monitoring and alert service to detect and measure the impact of attacks.
  • Engaging the services of an denial-of-service attack mitigation service.
To read the full advisory please go to the following : General Security Advisory: ongoing campaign of DoS attacks affecting New Zealand entitiesAs Sabre IT are service providers for small and mid-market businesses, we recommend you contact us.  We can provide you with expert advice, including security audits, IT strategies, and more.

Real-Time Predictive Monitoring

In addition, we provide real-time predictive monitoring for all our Managed Systems clients.  This gives you peace of mind that cyber attacks on your network and your business are identified and mitigated by us.   

If you would like to engage our expertise, or require our assistance to answer questions about your existing IT, please contact us.

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