Domain Name System Management

Domain Name System Management (or DNS Management) by Sabre IT ensures that your email and website servers are configured correctly.  The Domain Name System is an essential component for digital communication.  In short, the Internet will not function without DNS.

Because domain names are easy to remember, most people think of them as Internet addresses.  However, domain names are mapped through DNS Records to connect with various resources.  Essentially, they get translated into numbers, which locate and identify specific computer services and devices.  These numbers are Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.  Every device that connects to the Internet (for instance servers, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, websites, etc.) is assigned an IP address.

Protect Your Business and Your Domain Name

Hence, it requires specialist knowledge and understanding to set up and manage DNS records.  One incorrectly entered character will result in connections being blocked, or cyber security vulnerabilities.

For example, when DNS records have errors, problems arise with communication between servers.  As a result, emails are rejected or not sent.  In addition, email accounts are easily hacked or spoofed, and invoices get intercepted.  Another common issue relates to website form entries not being forwarded.  For these reasons, it is critical that experts manage your DNS records.

Therefore, our team is fully trained in DNS Management, website, and email security.  Furthermore, we adhere to The Five Discliplines of IT™ when configuring and managing DNS.  Moreover, we recommend that you use our Domain Name System Management in conjunction with our Managed Systems and other services.  In short, this is an essential part of professional risk management.

Protect your business and your domain name with Sabre IT’s help.  Talk to us now.

Domain Name System Management

  • Domain Name Procurement and Management
  • DNS Records Configuration, Management and Backup
  • Domain Name Servers
  • SMTP Mail Exchanges
  • Configuring SPF Records (Mail Exchanges)
  • DNS Failover
  • Domain Name Consulting
  • SSL Certificate Procurement and Configuration
  • Email Account Configuration and Management

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