Six Cyber Security Myths for Businesses

Sabre IT Cyber Security Myths

Six Cyber Security Myths

Believing cyber security myths may be putting your business at risk.  Due to lack of awareness of the weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your business technology.  Most importantly, with an increase in ransomware and other cyber threats, separating myth from fact may just save your business from becoming another casualty of cyber attacks.  The following six cyber security myths are some of the most common ones we hear from business owners.

Our business is only small, so we’re not a ransomware target

Size does not matter.  The automated infection process occurs because your system defences are weak or have vulnerabilities.  Once they have you on the hook, the demands start.

If we pay the ransom, then the hackers will give our data back

While some may get their data back; many, especially small businesses, don’t.
Can you really expect anonymous untraceable criminals to keep their word?

Our system is backed up; therefore our data will be protected

Infections may lie dormant for months, and are likely included in your system backup.
So while backups restore your data, they may not rid your system of ransomware. 

Because we have cyber insurance we can claim for all the costs

Your insurer expects you to minimise the risk and will assess claims accordingly.
Hidden costs, i.e. loss of profit and customers, brand damage, etc. won’t be covered.

Ransomware, like lightning, doesn’t strike the same place twice

When you pay a ransom, you’re known as an easy target and added to the sucker list.
Plus copies of your details and data gets marketed for sale on the Dark Web.

If the big companies can’t stop ransomware, then how can we?

The answer to all of these cyber security myths lies in two defences.

  1. Better security prevention to minimise infection risks.
  2. Security protection that stops ransomware infections from taking hold.
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