Backup Services

Sabre IT provides backup services that meet international best practice standards. In the course of business, we have conducted audits on hundreds of existing business backup systems. Over 75% of the systems we audited had unresolved backup failures, which in almost all cases were previously undetected.

Don’t let your business be crippled or destroyed by inferior backup processes.

Sabre Backup Key Points

  • All backups are managed and monitored
  • Any failures or critical issues are resolved same day
  • Backups are regularly tested
  • Software is always updated
  • Data is securely encrypted to our private data centre

On-site Backup

Because of the impact of data loss, it is essential to have an automated on-site backup system. An onsite backup system takes a full backup of your entire computer, and storing it onsite. In the event of system failure or data loss, it allows full system recovery.

Offsite Backup

Sabre offsite backup is fully owned and managed by us. We will never put your valuable data into the public cloud, or let it be managed by strangers. Your critical data is automatically encrypted and backed up to our private data centre. This is located outside of Christchurch. We continuously monitor for backup failures or data corruption. Because we fully manage it, we periodically conduct client reviews and assess your backup requirements.

To learn more about our backup services, please contact us.

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