Quantum Diagnostics

Quantum Diagnostics is an analysis process based on Quantum-Thinking, which is the acceptance of all specifics and the use of inductive reasoning to locate a principle or casual point. Inductive reasoning is the opposite of deductive reasoning, which starts with a theory or idea and looks for specifics to support the theory.  Inductive reasoning is more commonly known as the scientific method.

In IT, Quantum Diagnostics can quickly identify the causes of technical issues, create solutions to challenges, or provide direction to implementing a solution.  It is often used to “unblock” complex problems when IT teams get “stuck”.  Symptoms of being stuck may consist of not being able to quickly identify causes, persistent recurring problems, or emergence of new problems when other problems are solved.

If best practice standards have been adhered to, and modern technology tools are being used, diagnostic times should be measured in hours.  Any longer than that and it is a sign that standards have not been implemented or followed and your IT Team has become “stuck”.  The more standards have been ignored, the longer the diagnostics take.  With Quantum Diagnostics, locating causes to persistent problems does not have to take days, weeks or months.


More often than not, “hard-to-solve” problems can actually be solved or “nipped in the bud” by implementation of standards.  Implementation of standards is not done to solve specific problems, but to prevent problems occurring in the first place.  In many cases the road to rolling out a solution involves implementation of standards, and during that journey, problems may disappear without being directly addressed.

  • Is your business suffering from what your IT people loosely categorise as “network issues”?
  • Do some problems keep reappearing after being fixed?
  • From time to time, do your employees complain of random or intermittent issues?
  • Is your IT Team "dragging the chain" with unresolved issues? Do they appear to be "stuck"?
  • Does your IT network experience random issues that defy explanation?

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