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What makes a great data backup and data recovery plan?

Did you know that 67% of businesses do not have fool-proof backup processes?

Unfortunately it is usually in the aftermath of a disastrous event that business owners discover that their backup plan has failed. They can go years believing that their backup processes are working, when they aren’t.

Imagine being told by your I.T. company that they cannot restore your critical data because of one of these reasons:
•    The data wasn’t being backed up in the first place.
•    The backup data is incomplete or corrupted.
•    The backup drives are blank or unreadable.

We audited a number of backup systems recently, and over 67% had issues that would have prevented the data from being successfully restored.

When a business suffers total data loss, the impact is severe. Some businesses never resume trading. Should you gamble the future of your business on a backup system that “might” be working?

Know your Backup ABC’s !

1.    Always maintain three current copies of your data: the original data, and two current backups, one maintained onsite and one maintained offsite (online).  This minimises the risk of not only accidental deletion, system failure, viruses or data corruption, but also earthquakes, Tsunamis, floods, fires and theft.

2.    Automated and Archived: Both onsite and online backups should run automatically at scheduled times, without the need to insert or swap disks, close programs, or human intervention of any kind.  Older backup data should be automatically retained for a pre-defined period.  This is essential for recovering previous documents accidentally deleted of corrupted.

3.    Backup Onsite:  Needs to be of a type capable of full system restoration within 4 hours, not just the data itself.

4.    Backup Online: This backup needs to be stored outside your local disaster zone radius, using a securely encrypted online connection.

5.    Comprehensive Monitoring: Over 50% of all backups encounter failure during restoration because either the data was not backed up or conditions existed rendering the backups useless.  Your backup plan should include comprehensive monitoring to ensure your data is being backed up and is restorable.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to backup your data !


Sabre Safe™ is Sabre I.T.’s secure, automated, online backup product, and a must have in your emergency management plan.

  • We take care of everything – The automated backup is installed by our qualified engineers, and we set the schedule for you.
  • Your data is encrypted with double the security of most banks and shopping carts.
  • Your data is backed up automatically to our secure data centre, outside the local disaster impact zone.
  • Older backup data is retained and archived.
  • All data backups are comprehensively monitored by Sabre I.T.

Review Your Backup Process Now !

Our team are available to help you with your review. If you would like to arrange a time, contact us on +64 3 351 4100.