Eric Donn - Technology Consultant

Eric Donn aligns your technology and business strategies to ensure that your IT network has Zero Downtime, allowing you to build and grow a productive business.

Expert Technology Advice

If you are going to stake your company’s future on your technology, then you need to get the right advice from a professional.

Much of IT industry advice comes from companies who are still predominantly break-fix resellers, more focused on meeting sales targets than delivering outcomes.

Eric Donn has been involved in technology for over 40 years, including servicing, R&D, product and system design, and designing business solutions.  He has an in-depth understanding of technology and how to best utilise it to support your business strategy and productivity, while maintaining security and profits.

“We’ve been using Eric Donn since September 2012 to provide us with secure, non-cloud solutions.  Our system is secure and has never gone down.  Everything works as expected.”

Leigh Paulden
Business Consultant
Scalable Sustainable

The Five Disciplines of IT™

To combat the complexity and hugely varying standards in the IT industry, Eric has created the Five Disciplines of IT™:  an in-depth framework of principles and standards.

Zero Downtime

IT networks on Sabre IT’s Managed Systems contracts operate without crashes or interruptions 24/7/365.

Zero Security Breaches

In the past 10+ years, clients’ networks have remained secure against cyber-attacks and threats.

Zero Data Loss

In the past 10+ years, including in the 2010, 2011, and 2016 severe Earthquakes in the Canterbury Region, clients’ data, emails and backups, have been 100% safe.


Building Stable Networks

Eric Donn heads a team of highly skilled engineers and professionals who manage, maintain, and streamline clients’ networks. Eric and his team are committed to ensure that:

  • Clients’ networks never crash, so no more unexpected break-fix disruptions.
  • Clients’ IP and assets are secure.
  • Work is completed to the exacting standards and principles of the Five Disciplines of IT™.

Predictive Monitoring & AI

A critical part of modern system management is acting on indicators and preventing incidents.  Eric is heavily involved with the development of predictive monitoring and necessary AI processes.

Eric Donn heads the Sabre Group of technology companies, which focuses on developing products and services to provide robust and secure onsite and private cloud solutions for their clients’ businesses.

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