Case Study

Resolve Ongoing Network Issues

The owners of a rapidly growing property management business were about to install new Property Management Software on their computer network.  However, they were having ongoing computer issues, and their existing IT company were not being proactive or able to provide solutions.  Consequently, the owners were generally frustrated over the ongoing delays and issues.  As a result, we were asked for a second opinion.


  • Identify and address ongoing computer issues, including:
    • Very slow computers.
    • Difficulties with email.
    • Not being able to access shared email or files consistently.
    • Provide solutions which would alleviate the owners and employees’ frustration.

 Why We Were Chosen

  • We immediately identified the causes of the problems.
  • We outlined to the owners what was required to create a solution.
  • We explained things in non-technical terms.
  • As a result, this gave them confidence that we were able to do what we said we would do.

Our Solutions / Actions

  • We supplied and installed an entry level server, with dual backup solutions.
  • All data storage was centralised, therefore making backup easier and reliable.
  • We serviced all the PCs & laptops, and configured the network to our standard.
  • We helped them configure the backup for the new software.

Outcome and Benefits

  • The network speed is substantially increased, so no more waiting or delays.
  • They now have simple and easy access to all data.
  • The backup process is easy and reliable, which gives the owners certainty.
  • There are no more delays or problems with email.
  • Tasks are now easy for staff.  This has reduced costs and increased office productivity.

If you would like to engage our expertise, or require our assistance to answer questions about your existing IT, please contact us.

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