Case Study

Project Management - Integration of Two Businesses

The long-term owner of a Hotel/Restaurant had purchased a nearby Motel complex.  As a result, they own two separate businesses within 100 meters of each other.  Additionally, there are administrative offices on both sites.  Therefore, the two systems had to be integrated to make management and administration of both businesses easier.


  • Integrate the technology and services on both sites.
  • Supply new hardware, software, and data back-up.
  • Retain separate phone numbers and emails, but allow access from both sites.
  • Store data on a server in a central location. However, access is required from both offices.
  • Streamline system in order to reduce staff numbers.
  • Provide reliable power backup for business continuity during power interruptions.
  • Project management of all technology suppliers.

Why We Were Chosen

  • We have the necessary knowledge and experience.
  • We can manage a wide range of technology, including that outside of our core area of services.
  • The client trusts us to manage the project, and knows we will deliver on our promises.

Our Solutions / Actions

  • We specified and managed all aspects of the project, including trenching, cabling, SKY TV installation, VoIP telephone services, network technology.
  • We supplied and configured the IT system hardware, software, data and power backup.
  • All other services were supplied by contractors or third party suppliers.
  • We managed the project, including contractors and third party suppliers.
  • We resolved all issues as they arose.  For example, when contractors insisted something could not be done, we found alternative solutions, to ensure they could be done.
  • Once the project was completed, the client signed up for a Managed Systems Contract.

Outcome and Benefits for the Client

  • Streamlined access to all communications and administration from either site’s admin office.
  • Reduction in staffing costs / redeployment of staff to other roles.
  • Easy access to information for better management of both businesses.
  • Daily activities of both businesses are easily managed from either site’s admin office.
  • Managed Systems Contract ensures IT System is consistently maintained, eliminating the need for break-fix call outs.
  • One fixed monthly fee for IT costs, providing certainty for cash flow budgeting and management.

If you would like to engage our expertise, or require our assistance to answer questions about your existing IT, please contact us.

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