System Audits identify the internal and external risks that might impact on the operation of your business.

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You cannot change what you fail to measure. It is necessary to establish the current condition in order to pave the way forward.

All too often, business owners take it for granted that everything is okay, until it isn't.  And when things go wrong, the cost to your business is often much more than just the IT repair bill.  Depending on the timing of a negative incident, hidden costs can include lost data, lost productivity, lost sales, ransom payments, brand damage, etc.  At the wrong time and place, the impact on a business can be so great, that it may take years to recover. Some businesses never do.

System Audits Could Save Your Business

System audits identify the risks and weaknesses in your existing technology, as well as weaknesses in the processes surrounding and managing that technology.  Audits are measured against clearly defined standards and principles, and you are provided guidance to eliminate the dangers to your business.

Some Important Considerations for Your Business

The IT industry has grown very complex, demanding that IT providers possess a wide array of skills.  System weaknesses and failures primarily occur because of weak skill-sets, gaps in knowledge, and a failure in standards.

  • Does your system have weaknesses that could cripple your business?
  • How can you calculate the impact of risks you do not know exist?
  • Do you rely on an IT provider who may be unaware of all risks?
  • How can you gauge as to what your IT provider knows or is aware of?

Your System May Not Be Insured

Are you aware that insurance companies don't pay out for problems caused by lack of maintenance, lack of care, or neglect?

  • Have you ever seen an insurance policy that will cover the cost of lost productivity, lost sales, lost clients, or brand damage?
  • What processes currently exist to monitor and manage risks and weaknesses?

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