Ease Does Not Determine Legitimacy

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In the IT world, we can access data quicker and with a fraction of the effort required three decades ago. And with that quicker and easier access, comes responsibility. Just because data and systems can be accessed with relative ease, it does not mean that they should be accessed; or … Read More

Invoice Interception Scams Putting Businesses at Risk

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SECURITY BULLETIN 10.03.03 The occurrence of business invoice interception scams is rising at a rapid rate.  This involves the scammer obtaining invoices from: any compromised point in your email chain, or copying them from your online cloud accounting system, where all invoices are usually stored as publicly accessible links to … Read More

Aligning IT with Business Purpose

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We live in a constantly changing world where technology is evolving at a rapid rate.  When consulting with new clients, I often find they have misconceptions or confusion about IT.  It is not unusual for them to have talked to several different IT companies or experts and got several differing … Read More