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Certified data backup could save your business

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Certified data backup could save your business from certain death. This article looks at why it’s important to get your backup processes audited and certified by an IT expert.

Would you skydive without a reserve chute?

Certified Data Backup Reserve ChuteSkydiving and running your business have a lot in common. Both are fun and exhilarating, and both have inbuilt risks.

The odds of your parachute not opening on any given day is one in 1000. Likewise, on any day, the odds of your business systems failing or losing critical data is also about one in 1000.

Thankfully all parachutes have a reserve chute. But it’s not just any chute. Reserve chutes are packed and managed by certified professionals. They periodically unpack, carefully check and repack this chute. A reserve chute has to work if the main chute fails. It is all that stands between life and death for the skydiver.

Using uncertified data backup is risky

Certified Data Backup Audit Sabre ITSimilarly, as a business owner, you should not be without certified data backup. A certified backup is managed and monitored by IT professionals. It has to comply with strict backup standards. If your IT system fails, your backup is all that stands between life and death for your business.

You wouldn’t jump out of a plane without a certified reserve. Why operate your business with uncertified data backup?

Are you betting your business on uncertified backup?

Our certified data backup standards call for 100% reliability with same day resolution on any backup failure.  All backups are monitored 24/7/365 and we leave nothing to chance. Can your existing IT provider guarantee the same level of service?

For your own peace of mind, we recommend that you get your business data backup audited and certified. Our team can review and certify your current backup process, even if it is with another provider. Call us now to schedule an appointment.