When you have a Sabre IT Managed Services Contract, you have peace of mind that your IT System is secure, stable and reliable. Our contract includes a Zero Downtime Guarantee. This means that you and your team can focus on the day to day operation of your business without worrying about system crashes or maintenance interruptions. Can your current IT company guarantee this?

Our team operates from principles, standards, and processes that have stood the test of time. IT is more than just knowing about the technical foundations. It requires the responsible management of business information, communication, storage, and security.

Managed Services Key Points

  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • All maintenance performed outside of business hours
  • Proactive support – no extra costs*
  • Latest security updates across all devices

Zero Downtime Management

How can we guarantee Zero Downtime? Quite simply, because we hate your system being down as much as you do. Therefore, we leave nothing to chance and operate from a predictive perspective. This is the opposite to most IT Companies, who operate from a break-fix perspective.

Our focus is to first learn about your company, your people, your strategies and your processes. We then create the necessary standards for your company. The next step is to choose tools to support or manage your technology, according to the standards we have agreed upon for your company. This is in contrast with the industry habit of taking on board tools and software, then adapting your company’s processes to match the IT Company’s needs rather than yours.

By setting standards tailored to your company, we can then stabilise and secure your system prior to establishing your Managed Services Contract.

System Maintenance

We operate on a preventative maintenance platform. We apply any updates or fixes outside of your business hours. Fortunately, most maintenance can be carried out remotely. We only log into your system when we need to. On the rare occasion when we maintenance has to be done on site, we will arrange a time that suits you and has minimum impact on your business.

System Monitoring

We monitor all devices covered under your contract 24/7. Our system gives us real-time alerts about any issues or potential security breaches as they arise. This allows us to proactively attend to them before putting your system at risk. We apply immediate fixes for items deemed critical or impacting on business. Any risk issues, such as failed backup, are elevated in order to be resolved by the end of the business day. No exceptions.

To learn more about our Managed Services, please contact us.



No additional extra costs for fixes or repairs for devices covered under the contract, with the exception of hardware failure. Our 24/7 system monitoring is designed to predict and intercept potential hardware failure. You will then be advised to replace hardware to meet our contract terms and conditions. Managed Services Contract does not include UPS / Printers.